• Hello XxPartyLoverxX! Just so ya know, we will have three new human characters in the series. They are none other than the powerpuff girls! Except they are not super heroes anymore. Yup, they moved to the rebel side! They each act differently then they did a while ago.
    And they now have highlights depending on there favorite color. Oh, and Bubbles is not a pushover anymore, Buttercup is more tough, and Blossom decided that a big bow is too girly, and a small bow is good enough. Blossom has fire powers instead of ice powers now. Bubbles has water powers instead of the sonic scream. And Buttercup now has electric powers instead of having no signature move. So ya. Oh, and should Blossom be trained by Crystal, Bubbles trained by Minty, and Buttercup trained by Diamond?
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