What kind are you?Edit

Hai guys im gonna name these tribute things that are from Divergent and tells you which tribute u are.

Dauntless: Brave;Wears Black;Protects the people;Army like force;Fights in battles

Amity: Farmer;Wears orange red and yellow; harvests food;people who care about planting crops

Erudite: Smart;Wears blue;They were the bad tribute in the movie: Divergent

Candor: Honest,Wears black and white;Formal

Abnegation: Kind;Wears gray;If you're a girl you wear your hair up

Tell in the comments below on which tribute you think you are!

  1. Dauntless_Brave
  1. Amity_Farmer
  1. Erudite_Smart
  1. Candor_Honest
  1. Abnegation_Kind

Dauntless RULES!

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